After War: Afghanistan

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A segment of the episode After War in Afghanistan

The invasion of Afghanistan was justified from the US government with two main arguments: destroy the bases of Al Qaeda in that country and "liberate" a civilian population subjected to the yoke of the Taliban. What remains of Al Qaeda is now near to the Pakistani border and the Taliban dominate approximately 80% of southern Afghanistan and 43% of the country as a whole. This means that the Government of Kabul only has control over 57% of the territory, a considerable reduction compared to 72% control they had a year ago. It is inevitable that, in the coming months, that proportion will be further reduced. Despite the disaster of US invasion in which, thanks to the Wikileaks papers, it was shown that the United States had killed thousands of innocent civilians without completely destroying the Taliban forces and even giving gas to the insurgency in neighboring countries. Trump has assure that in a few months he would send 4000 new soldiers to Afghanistan. Does this mean that the US has not yet assumed Afghanistan as a lost war? We will tell the obvious devastation that has left behind the US invasion, using testimonies such as women imprisoned for crimes as absurd as not wanting to marry with relatives, or women who organize to fight against injustice through social organizations.

After War. A documentary series of TeleSUR produced by MuzunguTV